Web DESIGN & development

Web Design & Development

We focus on digital commerce from enterprise levels to start-ups by creating dynamic, efficient user experiences through web applications and traditional websites that are scalable and responsive from desktop to mobile, with a focus on mobile for today’s user on the go. Mullican Designs specializes in the design and development of digital marketing, print and digital media with a focus on creating the ultimate digital commerce user experience for both the customer and the team(s) that will develop and create new content. We offer in depth analytics, inventory tracking and shipping logistics consulting services as well as automation services to maximize ROI and to ensure your company or services get targeted to help ultimately with increasing sales or conversions. We also have experience developing and with the custom design of numerous digital marketing, e-commerce and SAAS platforms. A few examples being Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento as well as more commonly known CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal. If you can sell your products in a traditional retail environment, we can help you take that next step into the world of e-commerce and digital sales and marketing and help you expand your brand awareness, your customer base and ultimately your sales exponentially.

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