Web Design & Development

At Mullican Designs, we specialize in web design and development with a focus on digital commerce. Our team has extensive knowledge of SEO best practices and can help ensure that your website or web application is optimized for search engines. We have experience working with a variety of platforms, including SASS, Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, and API integrations, and we can help you choose the best platform for your needs. Additionally, we are well-versed in headless commerce and can help you create a seamless user experience across all channels. If you need a no-code solution, we have experience working with a variety of no-code tools to help you create the website or web application you need without any coding knowledge. Our services also include in-depth analytics, inventory tracking, shipping logistics consulting, and automation services to help you maximize ROI. Trust us to create a website or web application that not only looks great but also meets all your business needs and exceeds your expectations.

Digital Marketing | Social Media | Analytics | Ai

It all begins with great content creation backed by keyword and backlink research. Content that is created with a purpose and written to be read by humans. Mullican Creative Designs and Development will take your new or existing website content to the next level in multiple phases starting with competitor analysis, Google keyword research and authoritative backlinks to engage your users as well as being indexed higher in search results. A monthly or weekly site analysis can also be offered to business owners looking to take their e-commerce site or business to the next level when speaking in terms of online traffic and brand recognition.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Need to make your product or widget stand out? Mullican Designs can create custom graphics for your product (packaging), brand identity or promotional media. Mullican Designs is your graphic design resource. If you need it to come to life we can bring it to fruition. Photography services, publication design, traditional and digital illustration, brochures, flyers, package design and any other print or digital media are what we offer our clients at reasonable rates.

Product Design  |  Package Design

From product design to package design we have the skills and experience to knock your customers socks off their feet. Mullican Designs provides clients with an industry advantage to accomplish any project goals or product development ideas with an end goal of producing products and product packaging designs that are designed for your target demographic utilizing micro-targeting to ensure efficient use of your brand or product's advertising budget. Mullican Designs excels in providing clients with online advertising, digital marketing and social media strategies.

What We Can Do For You

Web Design & Development

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Zunzi's Takeout & Delivery

"Our company has worked with Andy for over 10 years. He has played an integral part in the branding of our restaurant and bringing our vision to life. Andy is a true professional and a rare "jack of all trades" when it comes to marketing, graphic design, and website development."

Chant Engineering Co. Inc.

"An extremely creative designer. He always goes above and beyond. I have worked with Andrew over the past four years on a variety of projects and he never disappoints. Also well versed in graphic and web design and he is also an excellent developer which makes him a unicorn in the industry."