What Is SEO?
SEO can be confusing and expensive, we know. SEO is also how your competitors steal profitable online leads and business from your company on a regular basis. So that means almost all of them at one point. Why invest in building a website to watch it fail? 10 years ago static sites and a list of keywords worked well for some small businesses but then Google took out the “human error” part of search indexing and introduced bots and Ai that could sort and display content for local businesses here in West Georgia and Eastern Alabama as fast as the speed your broadband connection and can sort it for local businesses and nationally. So it’s high time you put money in that marketing/advertising budget or risk losing that spot you have been holding onto or aspire to be.
This is serious and no one can sit idly by when a competition with a proper SEO expert, a competitor analysis and backlink check matched with any online advertising that can easily be provided with a few simple services in which Mullican Designs offers to our Web and SEO clients. Step it up and watch your business jump up into rankings and pages at the top of the food chain with Mullican Designs SEO Services. We offer customized plans and phases so your business’ budget will not bust and it also takes advantage of ad retargeting, video intros/product videos, analytics, professional design and of course 5 Star development with experts analyzing it all to compile a strategic approach to winning the online SEO game.